The role of lucid dreaming supplements

Over years of research and experimenting, I’ve learned that lucid dreaming supplements are the smartest way to lucid dream… and here’s why.

Diet and consciousness

Diet and consciousness are connected, just like consciousness and lucid dreaming are connected. This may sound like a bold claim to some, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Our brains require certain nutrients in order to function properly. It has even been proven that variations in our diets, such as taking certain vitamins and other nutritional supplements, can greatly improve our mental state, including memory and focus during waking hours.

If nutritional supplements can improve mental function when we’re awake, why couldn’t they do the same thing when we’re asleep?

Consciousness and memory:

Interestingly, consciousness is deeply connected to memory and focus; in fact, consciousness is a cognitive function itself within the human brain. A large part of the reason we lose access to our conscious mind while we are dreaming is because we FORGET that we are only imagining things. Unconscious dreaming is greatly connected to our loss of memory, which will be explained in more detail later on. Because natural supplements can help improve memory and focus, the right supplementation at the right time leads to lucid dreams you can control and remember.

Longer dreams:

But perhaps one of the best things about using lucid dreaming supplements for lucid dreaming is that they can make your lucid dreams incredibly long too, allowing you to have more exceptional dream experiences. Instead of your dreams feeling like a fragile bubble that could pop at the slightest spike in consciousness, with the right lucid dreaming supplements your lucid dreams become much more durable, more like a rugby ball than a bubble.

Dream Leaf:

Dream Leaf contains lucid dreaming supplements that help people to experience lucid dreaming immediately. It is a synergistic combination of the most effective lucid dreaming supplements on the market today. To learn more, check out here.


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