4 Lucid Dreaming Techniques That Will Make Inception A Reality

Everyone, even you - can lucid dream. In fact, it really isn’t even that difficult with the help of certain techniques in existence today. While nutritional supplements such as Dream Leaf, can greatly improve your ability to have conscious, controlled dreams, here are 4 techniques that can also make a huge difference for those seeking to experience lucid dreaming immediately.

Lucid Dreaming Technique #1 - Reality checks: As you’ve probably noticed by now, dreams are rarely accurate representations of reality. They take place within your imagination - a magical world filled with exaggerated images such as unicorns and dragons. Certain facts about reality are often ignored by the mind in times of dreaming, but this can be used to your advantage as a lucid dreamer. But keep in mind that the during dreams the brain is intended to rest from the conventional strains of problem solving. For this reason, you shouldn’t get into the habit of doing reality checks too often because let’s admit it, your brain really deserves to rest some of the time. That being said, when you get into the habit of doing reality checks, such as asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” your dreams turn out much differently. After just two weeks of consistent practice, you may start to have dreams where you remember to ask, “Am I dreaming?” This reality checks can be a very successful strategy for lucid dreaming. Think about it, if you happen to remember to question your surroundings, it shouldn’t be that difficult to realize that the bizarre dreamscape isn’t your real home…. or is it ;) But remember that in attempting this technique that it is very important to contemplate your dreams as much as your do reality. You will undoubtedly begin to notice some patterns in your dreams, which will act as little reminders to your sense of reality during your occasional dream escapades. This in turn will help open the doors into some of the most amazing lucid dreaming adventures you can imagine (literally).

Lucid Dreaming Technique #2 - Start a Dream Journal: Of all the lucid dreaming techniques I’ve tried, the most beneficial, by far, has been in keeping a dream journal. Even manly as I am, each morning upon waking, you will find me writing in an outstretched position with my stomach on the bed, kicking my feet back and forth in the air like a 3rd grade school boy recording his christmas list. Although this is probably not the best technique to win respect from your friends, especially if you are interested in preserving your dignity, it is a very useful technique for lucid dreaming. Not only that but it is honestly so hilarious to look back through your dreams over the years. The reason dream journaling effective though is because it thins the veil between reality and the dreamscape. You will find that by keeping a dream journal you will get better and better at remembering your dreams, but you will also get better at becoming conscious within your dreams. Just like I explained above, as you dream journal, you will start to notice patterns in your dreams, and start being able to discern reality from the dreamscape more naturally. Next to my experiences with Dream Leaf, I have had more success with this technique than any other.

Lucid Dreaming Technique #3 - The Diamond Perspective Method: Just like diamonds have various dimensions, so do our lives. We live in the dimension of reality, but each night we visit another one - the dreamscape. Instead of considering these as two life experiences completely isolated from one another, it is helpful, and probably more accurate, to consider them as merely different dimensions of your singular life. By adhering to this dimensional diamond-like perspective of dreaming (wow that was hard to phrase), the veil that covers your eyes during the night will become less thick and you will start experiencing lucid dreams more frequently. Part of the reason this helps is because it uproots a very common perspective about dreaming that causes divisions between our dreams and reality. This perspective suggests a separateness between the conscious and unconscious minds. But, it’s important to remember that these two parts of our brain are connected. The diamond method helps your conscious mind to synchronize with the unconscious as a trusted partner of the same system, rather than some unknowable and disconnected territory. I can attest that this perspective adds a lot more confidence in your dreams. It also helps broaden your perspective of dreaming as a whole and can operate as topsoil in your garden of dreams.

Lucid Dreaming Technique #4 - Wake Back to Bed: Waking up and falling asleep are the two functions that bring us in and out of the dreamscape. As we contemplate and consider the process of falling asleep as well as waking up, we become more familiar with the functions of dreaming as a whole. The veil is thinned through this process. Thomas Edison used this method while he’d brainstorm for creative insight. He’d put a rock in his hand, and a metal can below so that when he’d wake up as soon as the rock left his sleeping hand. He used this technique the world of his unconscious genius. You too can use it to thin the veil between the unconscious and conscious minds. Overall, these are just a few techniques that I have found successful in my pursuits as a lucid dreamer. There are many, many other ones worth looking into. This area of human development is expanding rapidly so please continue researching. I can assure you that tomorrow will hold more insight than today on this topic. As always feel free to try the Dream Leaf supplement. It is intended to help you start having lucid dreams immediately.

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