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Our company's mission statement can be summed up by one word: consciousness. We are seeking to expand human consciousness through the medium of dreams. We have personally experienced powerful applications of lucid dreaming and would like to help others harness the power of the subconscious mind.

The purpose of Dream Leaf is to help people experience incredible lucid dreams through the use of synergistic herbs. We are dedicated to implementing the latest lucid dreaming research, especially with respect to human neurology. We feel confident that nutritional supplements offer the most powerful method for conscious dreaming. 

    Alex Southworth, Co-Founder


    I've been practicing lucid dreaming for 10+ years. I have a deep passion for the subject and love helping others tap into their subconscious mind through dreams.

    A few facts about me:

    • I'm a long time lucid dreamer
    • I never turn down a sushi invite
    • Paper airplane champion since the 5th grade
    • I can beat Connor in an arm wrestle

    Connor Southworth, Co-Founder 

    I'm a long-time lucid dream enthusiast and dream researcher. I'm much shorter and less attractive than Alex, but people say I have a great personality.

    A few facts about me: 

    • I am a kickboxer and a wrestler
    • I've consistently beat Alex at paper airplane competitions for at least 12 years now and have proof
    • Avid reader of classic literature
    • My journey with lucid dreaming began by trying to get over traumatic night terrors that I've had on and off for the last 15 years. They are usually hilarious to tell people about afterwards but are always terrifying at the time.

    Click here to contact us via phone, live chat or email, or you can send us a letter the old-fashioned way...

    Southworth Nutraceuticals LLC

    2554 Jefferson Ave

    Ogden, UT 84401

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