Achieving Meaningful Dreams & the Power of Intent

I've learned that meditation, yoga, and lucid dreaming all share one thing in common - when you identify a desired result for each of these mind expanding practices, they become much more meaningful in nature.  

In a lucid dream for instance, you have a unique opportunity to engage with your subconscious mind, which is already a pretty amazing thing to do just by itself. But there truly is an enormous world inside yourself that you have the opportunity to explore.  As you specify the things you'd like to dream about, prior to falling asleep - your dreams can often take on a whole new level of amazing and you can often attract meaningful experiences.

Whether you wish to find answers to heartfelt questions, experience something totally new in a dream, or even just have a fun time, your lucid dreams can truly become transformational once you've decide what you'd like your lucid dreaming experiences to be like.

Before falling asleep, try to imagine the possibilities that you wish to explore within the dreamscape and then consciously identify a few activities you'd like to achieve as soon as you become lucid.  Sometimes it is even smart to write them down on a notepad or even a dream journal if you have one. Just by identifying certain activities that you'd like to participate in, you can truly make meaningful things happen in your dreams rather than just letting opportunities go to waste.

When you don't establish a dreaming intent prior to falling asleep, your dreams can sometimes feel a little flat, which can be a huge bummer for anyone who looks forward to positive dreaming experiences.

Just remember that your conscious mind does in fact communicate with subconscious mind on some level when it comes to your dreams.  Perhaps tonight before you fall asleep, you can give it a try and see if your intent has any impact on the dreams you end up having.

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