Elevating Spirituality Through Dreams

Every night as we leave our waking selves and enter the realm of sleep, we come closer to a second life, a life as a dreamer. Throughout history dreams have been closely tied to spirituality across religious lines. From bible stories to eastern religious practices, dreams have held a close tie to religious practice and spirituality throughout most of recorded history. Whether you are strictly religious or simply trying to find further spiritual satisfaction in your personal life, your dreams can be a catalyst for spiritual growth. Before you can reap the spiritual benefits of your dreams though, there are a few things you must do. Here are some meaningful ways to access your dreams to find greater spirituality.

Find a Way to Remember

Our dreams hold great potential, but if we simply forget them as soon as we wake up, we cannot grasp their healing spiritual powers. One of the most effective ways to gain further spirituality through your dreams is to find a way to remember them. For many people, a dream journal can be the key to remembering dreams, a dreaming supplement like Dreamleaf can also be a great tool to remember dreams and even make dreams more vivid. If you are looking to improve your memory of dreams and increase your spirituality, it is important that you find a way that works for you.

Look for Insight in Your Dreams

Because your dreams come from your unconscious, the insight you look for is the insight you will find. If you approach your dreams from a spiritual perspective, your dreams will open up with a fruitful spiritual interpretation. As both the dreamer and interpreter, you have an amazing opportunity to focus in on the spiritual aspects of your dreams and find greater meaning within them. While dream interpretation dictionaries have gained popularity in modern days, you are much more capable of interpreting your own dreams. Because you have a unique capacity to contextualize the elements of your dreams, you are much more likely to find a cohesive interpretation for your dreams and to tap into your personal spirituality. 

Realize the Reality of Your Dreams

Though we often like to separate our dreams from reality, this can actually be counterproductive to discovering the spiritual meaning of your dreams. If you approach your dreams as something real that you can learn and grow from then you will be much more able to harness their power. Instead of looking at your dreams as purely figments of your imagination, try to think of them as windows into your inner self. With this perspective you will be more prepared to rely on your dreams as a means to spiritual growth. The way you choose to perceive your dreams has a huge effect on the power your dreams will hold in your life. The power you give them is the power they will hold.

Ask Before You Sleep

If you want to gain greater power from your dream, asking for spiritual growth before you sleep can be extremely helpful. Instead of simply sleeping to recover from your days work, go to sleep with an intention. Before you fall asleep set an intention for the night. You can set a goal for spiritual growth, ask for guidance, or simply ask for peace or understanding. Through this intention setting, you will be able to gain further control of the direction of your dreams before you fall asleep. Your question or intention can be spoken out loud, thought, or written down, whatever you feel most comfortable with. Your dreams are yours, and that means the choice is up to you.

Harnessing Your Dreams for Greater Spirituality

With the tools listed above, you should be much more prepared to use your dreams to improve your spirituality. Your dreams offer you a great insight into your consciousness and your unconscious, and this can be the key to your spirituality. If learning more about yourself and the parts of yourself that you do not often see is important to you, then your dreams are the key to finding those truths. Now is the time to start paying close attention to your dreams and tapping into their spiritual power.

 Dream Leaf is an natural dietary supplement that promotes dreaming, and more particularly - lucid dreaming.

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