Mystical Herbs for Lucid Dreaming:

For centuries our ancestors ingested mystical herbs to heighten dream awareness, which provided them with mystical experiences that influenced the way we now perceive the world.  References to such remedies date as far back in literature as The Odyssey by Homer. The greeks called these plants oneirogens or “dream/ creating” herbs.  Yet they are still being used today and we know a lot more now about the way they function within the brain to deepen dream recall, dream creativity, and even cause lucid dreams.  So, in this article, I'm going to dive a little deeper into this subject with you so you can take your dreams to the next level.  

The amazing thing is that we now have access to a multitude of powerful dream herbs that couldn't be accessed by any one geographic location prior to the development of our global economy.  What I find particularly interesting is that it appears is as if every land and culture contributes some herbal remedy to the mix of lucid dream herbs, each of which provide powerful results when it comes to dream discovery.  Today, many of these herbs can even be found at your local health food store, sometimes even in your back yard.

I have used these mystical herbs to achieve lucid dreams and have had some incredible experiences.  I've had some profound experiences that have honestly changed the way I see life.  So I can personally attest that these mystical herbs truly can and do work to deepen dream awareness and even induce lucid dreams. 

I've read about and written extensively on this subject for several years now because I find it so fascinating.  And btw, since people often get confused about this... I should probably point out that each of these herbs are perfect safe to use (legal too) so don't worry.  We're definitely not discussing drugs here. That's an entirely different subject.  

Lastly, don’t just take my word for it on these herbs; try them, read about them too.  There are actually quite a few studies that have been conducted on the subject of lucid dream herb (particularly galantamine) and other supplements too in this regard.  If you're interested in going a little deeper, here's a little eBook that describes more about a wide variety of lucid dream herbs and goes into a little more depth with each.

Click here to get a free copy.

5 mystical herbs for lucid dreaming:

Mugwort (promotes lucidity and creative dreaming):

Creatives love this one.  It is truly a remarkable herb and it's possible you might even have some in your backyard.  Mugwort is a must for those who take dreaming seriously because it not only makes your dreams very vivid but it also improves recall and provides the dreamer with experiences many describe as 'divine visions’. You actually don't even have to ingest it either.  Many find that just by placing a little under their pillow they can even promote powerful dreaming experiences.

First time users often report having lucid dreams after ingesting mugwort in in supplement or tea form but I highly recommend trying a more concentrated version in capsule form so long as it's organic (see link below).  I personally find that the mugwort concentrate heightens lucidity greatly and also makes my dreams highly creative and interesting to consider in the morning.

**** If you drink it as a tea I would just recommend adding a little honey too the mix.  Tastes great ****

Galantamine (activates conscious thinking in your dreams):

Galantamine has become one of the popular herbs used by lucid dreamers and with good reason.  It’s effects truly attain mystical status for a variety of reasons.  This natural supplement has been used for centuries in China as a memory enhancer.  A variation of galantamine was even noted by the ancient Greeks for its powerful effects on the mind.  But now we actually know why galantamine has these effects and it can be used to promote lucid dreaming.  

Galantamine acts as what’s called an acetylcholine esterase inhibitor.  This basically means that it blocks the enzyme that typically breaks down acetylcholine.  And the breakdown of Acetylecholine is actually what causes you to become unconscious while you dream.  Soooo.... when you take galantamine before entering into sleep your ACh levels stay higher than normal and increase conscious thought processes during dream sleep. 

Huperzine-A (activates conscious thinking in dreams):

This herb performs a similar function to Galantamine because it successfully delays the breakdown of acetylcholine and results in higher levels of conscious awareness while dreaming.  It’s by far one of the most effective herbs for lucid dream induction and a lot of people even find it to be more effective than galantamine.  It really comes down to your body type.  

I find that huperzine-a is a little more forgiving and less jarring mentally.  I sleep a little better on it too and my dreams tend to be more peaceful in nature.  Absolutely love huperzine!

African Dream Root (ancestral divination):

This herb has been harvested and consumed in Africa for centuries.  It's difficult to determine how far back it has been ingested but it's clear that it's been circulating African communities for divination purposes.  It was known to help those who consume it to experience visions of their ancient ancestors.  It was commonly used for solely for this purpose.  

Personally, I have found this mystical herb to cause for a particularly interesting dreaming experience.  But I will warn you - it tastes gross so you might want to mix it with something less bitter to take the edge off.  Honey helps but you might need to add a lot to balance out the taste... just saying

Dream Leaf (super lucid dreaming blend):

Dream Leaf combines several mystical herbs into a two part supplement that has helped thousands of people experience their first lucid dream.  The ingredients maximize the effectiveness of each herb by working synergistically .  It improves dream recall, dream creativity, and promotes lucid dreaming. 

For 20% off use the following coupon code for 20% off your entire order: lucid20

I always love hearing about other people's lucid dreaming experiences to feel free to reach out if you feel like sharing.  Also, don't hesitate to email in if you have any questions.

In the meantime, sweet dreams.  

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