What is Dream Leaf?

A lot of people have been asking us, “So, what is Dream Leaf?” And surprisingly, we haven’t dedicated a blog article to this question until now.

What it is:

In a nutshell,  Dream Leaf is an advanced lucid dreaming supplement that has been proved to help people to become conscious in their dreams. It also helps people to control their dreams, and recall them more vividly. It is a synergistic combination of several of the most well known lucid dreaming supplements, which advanced lucid dreamers have been seeking out for years.

“So, how does Dream Leaf work?”

Essentially, Dream Leaf can aid in activating the neurotransmitters involved in consciousness while dreaming. Typically when we fall asleep, we lose access to our sense of consciousness because our brain chemistry shifts significantly. This shift in our brain chemistry causes a wave of unconscious brain activity to dominate our imagination during the night, which of course is why our dreams are often so believable to our senses and out of our conscious control.

But Dream Leaf helps to activate the neurotransmitters that are essential for lucid dreaming such as ACh, which is known to connect your thoughts to your memories. It can optimize the right neurochemistry in your brain by supplementing the appropriate nutrients that your brain requires to be conscious while you sleep. The formula contains several natural REM boosting herbs that have been proven to accelerate REM cycles and induce lucidity.

“What’s with the blue pill and the red pill?”

Dream Leaf has two parts to it – a red pill and a blue pill. The blue pill can help you experience balanced sleep by promoting restful deep sleep for the first 4 hours of the night, while the red pill is designed to promote lucid dreaming by activating consciousness during the last 4 hours of the night. Together the two parts of Dream Leaf are suited for accelerating your REM sleep/ dream sleep and helps you to become conscious while you dream.

Both parts of Dream Leaf are designed to work together to provide the greatest opportunity for lucid dreaming experiences. This supplement is helping both experts and beginners alike to have outstanding lucid dreams. Hopefully now, if someone ever asks you, "what is Dream Leaf?" you'll be able to explain it a little better. ;)

Learn More at http://luciddreamleaf.com/how-it-works/ 

Click here to purchase Dream Leaf!

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