What is Lucid Dreaming?

Some people wonder what is lucid dreaming? Well, lucid dreaming is simply the art of becoming aware that you’re dreaming. You can often control the outcome of these dreams and do things you’ve always wanted to do, such as revisit a past memory, practice and extreme sport, or even fly.

The reasons that people take an interest in lucid dreaming vary widely, but many lucid dreamers find that there are real life applications to lucid dreaming. In fact, recent studies have actually shown that lucid dreams help with creative problem solving, PTSD, ending night terrors, memory consolidation, complex skill mastery, and overcoming phobias. Many lucid dreamers simply wish to experience these types of benefits of dreaming to an even greater extent. Collectively, I think it’s safe to say that lucid dreamers usually believe that their dreams are very significant to their daily lives.

But Lucid dreaming can also help you gain a new respect for how powerful the human mind is. Did you know that you can literally smell, feel, see, hear and taste in your dreams? Your imagination enters a whole new dimension during the dream state. Lucid dreaming gives you an extra glimpse at how powerful the human mind is.

Although lucid dreaming can take a lot of work to learn how to do, recent breakthroughs in technology, herbal supplementation, and cognition techniques can help even the layperson (no pun intended) experience lucid dreaming immediately.

More About Lucid Dreaming

Here are a few interesting facts about dreams that might give you a little more appreciation for dreaming as a whole, and may even peak your interest in lucid dreaming:

-The highest levels of creativity are experienced in our dreams. In fact, many inventions, literary masterpieces, and classic paintings were inspired by dreams.

-1/3 of your life is spent dreaming

-Dreams can help you understand what you are feeling. They act as metaphorical expressions of emotion transmitted through your brains imagination. This is why many people find it fascinating to try to interpret their dreams and even why psychology experts have always had such a interest in dreaming.

- Dreaming stimulates unique areas of your brain that are often inactive during waking life.

-Lucid dreams allow you to control your dreams. The limits in the dream world are almost inexistent.

-In your dreams you can feel, see, hear, taste, and smell just as well as when you're awake.

-Virtually every living organism dreams, even your dog.

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