What is Lucid Dreaming?

We all dream. From unforgettable dreams that affect our waking lives in obvious ways to those that fade away as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, all dreams function as an important part of human development.  

But, to really harness the power of our dreams and engage with them more deeply, we can actually do more. This is where lucid dreaming comes in.

Lucid dreaming can be defined as a dream in which you become aware that you're dreaming. Beyond that, once you know that you're in a dream, you can often take conscious control of the dream.  

Creating a Second Reality:

When you are lucid dreaming, you have the unique opportunity to harness your dreams and create an alternate reality.

Instead of your dreams having control over your actions, YOU can often take control of the experience and create fascinating dreams to your liking, or even just explore your subconscious mind a bit.

In fact, many lucid dreamers use it as an opportunity to explore the hidden sides of themselves by simply observing their subconscious mind in action. Because in lucid dreams we regain the self-awareness that is lost in normal dreaming and often remains hidden to our conscious eyes, but with lucid dreams, we can open the door to consciousness at an even deeper level.  

The Science of Lucid Dreaming:

Some people find it difficult to believe that lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, or that this phenomenon exists at all. But there is plenty of science to back up the reality of lucid dreaming.

In fact, in studies using the EEG, scientists were able to show the reality of lucid dreaming through consciously given signals during REM sleep.

This means that during the deepest level of sleep, when most dreams occur, people were able to demonstrate consciousness.

Lucid Dreaming in History:

Lucid dreaming may seem like a modern or even new-age phenomenon, however, people have been practicing lucid dreaming or variations of it since the times of Aristotle.

In fact, certain Tibetan Buddhist monks have a long-standing tradition of practicing Dream Yoga which is an old variation of lucid dreaming. In  Dream Yoga, you strive to find an altered state of consciousness known as nondual awareness.

Although lucid dreaming has been a part of some cultures for hundreds of years, the term “Lucid Dreaming” was not coined until 1913, when it was defined by Frederik van Eeden as one of nine types of dreams.

The Practice of Lucid Dreaming:

In the modern age, lucid dreaming has become a possibility for everyone who dreams, which means essentially everyone.

If you are looking to develop your own lucid dreaming ability, there are many tools you can do to uncover your own lucid dreaming path. Coming up with a trigger and developing the ability to recognize your own dream state are great ways to start.

There are even natural supplements available, including Dream Leaf, to help you have vivid dreams that are easy to remember and gain control of.

Anyway, keep reading our blog to learn more about lucid dreaming and to learn to gain control of your own lucid dreaming ability.

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