Do I have to wake up during the night to take the red pill?

Most people have the best experience when they take the blue pill right before going to bed and then wake up after approximately 4 hours of sleep to take the red pill. But waking up to take the red pill is not absolutely required. You can also try our alternative method, which is where you take the red pill and blue pill on separate nights. On the first night, you simply take the red pill 4 hours before bed and skip the blue pill entirely. Then, on the following night, you simply take the blue pill immediately before going to bed.

Can I take the blue pill and the red pill at the same time?

No, the ingredients in the red pill and the blue pill will largely counteract each other and will not be as effective.

Can I take 2 blue pills and 2 red pills at a time for a stronger lucid dream experience?

Taking 2 pills at a time is not necessary and is not recommended, although it is not harmful. If you choose to double the dose, we recommend only doing so with the blue pill as the red pill will not work as well if you take too much.

Are the herbs in Dream Leaf common or "exotic" herbs?

Dream Leaf is composed of common supplements you can find at virtually any health food store. The herbs in Dream Leaf have been widely used for many years both by themselves and as ingredients in various common dietary supplements. But as with any supplement, we recommend consulting your physician before using Dream Leaf, especially if you are taking any medications or if you are pregnant.

What are the benefits of Lucid Dreaming?

The benefits of lucid dreaming are wide and varied. Dr. Stephen LaBerge (PhD), a renowned psychophysiologist and a leader in the scientific study of lucid dreaming, said:

"Lucid dreaming has considerable potential for promoting personal growth and self-development, enhancing self-confidence, improving mental and physical health, facilitating creative problem solving and helping you to progress on the path to self-mastery."

Different people strive to have lucid dreams for different reasons. Some people use lucid dreaming as a tool for self-mastery and personal growth and development. You can learn important lessons about who you are in lucid dreams: your strengths and weaknesses, your desires and aspirations, and your doubts and fears. Lucid dreaming can provide unique insight about the purpose, meaning and value of your personal relationships, educational pursuits and professional endeavors.

Some people seek to have lucid dreams so they can experience upcoming important events in their lives before they actually occur. Whether it be an upcoming job interview, asking that girl out on a date, starting a new job, becoming a spouse or parent, moving to a new city, or something else entirely, living through an event in a dream before it actually takes place can provide much-needed assurance and confidence.

Other people pursue lucid dreaming for its therapeutic value. For someone who has suffered a personal loss or tragedy or who has been through a traumatic experience, having a controlled lucid dream in which they can say goodbye, make peace, or gain understanding and perspective can be an invaluable tool on the road to healing and recovery.

And for others, lucid dreaming is just a whole lot of fun! Dreams can be a fun, interesting, and even exhilarating "vacation" from the reality of your day-to-day life, and taking a lucid dreaming supplement to achieve a higher level of consciousness and control in those dreams makes them all the more enjoyable.


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