Dream Leaf is a two-pill system specially formulated to ensure you get the right combination of herbs - at just the right time - to help you have prolonged, vivid, memorable lucid dreams.

The Blue Pill (Taken Just Before Going to Bed)

  • Promotes a prolonged period of restful Deep Sleep
  • Boosts serotonin levels, causing the "REM Rebound Effect" with an extended period of REM Sleep
  • Elevates dream creativity and makes dreams more vivid

5HTP promotes deep sleep and also boosts GABA levels, causing the “REM Rebound Effect.” This effect lengthens the REM Sleep cycle during the second half of the night, providing a much larger window for lucid dreaming.

Mugwort helps calm the nerves so you can fall asleep quickly. It is a popular dream herb for many lucid dream enthusiasts because it also causes your dreams to be highly creative and much more vivid. Mugwort also enhances dream recollection.

The Red Pill (Taken ~4 Hours Later)

  • Slows the breakdown of ACh, providing a level of consciousness and lucidity while dreaming
  • Promotes rational thinking during REM Sleep
  • Improves memory and dream recall

Huperzine-A slows the breakdown of ACh, helping you maintain access to your reality memories and maintain a degree of consciousness and lucidity while you dream. Huperzine-A helps you to have lucid dreams.

Choline Bitartrate not only assists Huperzine-A in maintaining high Acetylcholine (ACh) levels, but it is also the single most effective supplement for enhancing dream recall. Since memory and lucid dreaming are interconnected, Choline is essential for an amazing lucid dreaming experience.

Alpha GPC promotes rational thinking during REM Sleep and functions as an incredible catalyst for inducing lucid dreams.

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