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The Dream Atlas is more than just a notebook.  It's been designed to help you engage more deeply with your dreams.

It's a proven fact that dreams are not only essential to our emotional health but they are often brilliant and creative. In fact, countless inventions, discoveries in science, and works of art have been inspired by dreams. So why not write them down? You never know when a dream might contain some great idea or even just help you deepen your understanding of what's going on inside your own mind.

We designed the Dream Atlas™ because we believe that everyone should be recording their dreams and have a special place to write them down and interpret their meaning. Yet some dream journaling methods are more effective than others at helping us to fully engage. For this reason, we organized a meaningful dream journal that allows you to journey deeper than ever before into the amazing world of your dreams.



Daily Sections Include Space To...

  • Describe what you experienced in your dream
  • Draw images you saw in your dream
  • Interpret the meaning of your dream
  • Identify dream symbols and their meanings
  • Keep track of frequency of lucid dreams
  • Be inspired by quotes about dreaming

The Dream Atlas™ VS. Typical Dream Journals




Identify Interesting Themes in Your Dreams. Just as the author of a book uses themes to convey the most important elements of their story, so does the subconscious mind produce themes in your dreams. Develop a list of recurring themes that seem to be appearing in your dreams. This will help you to uncover any elements of your life that your subconscious mind wants you to pay attention to.

Record Your Dream Signs. One of the keys to becoming lucid in a dream is to observe an indication that you are, in fact - dreaming. When you identify your "dream signs" you create lucidity triggers that help make lucid dreaming accessible, and much more common. Develop your own list of dream signs. These may include things that tend to appear in your dreams but obviously cannot in waking life such as an imaginary creature, a loved one who has passed away, or it could even just be the act of flying.

Make a List of Things To Do in Lucid Dreams. Create a list of things you'd like to do in a lucid dream. Doing this will help you to get the most from your lucid dreams but it can also help to motivate you in your lucid dreaming pursuits. You can look at this list as a set of goals for things you'd like to accomplish in your lucid dreams.

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