10 Awesome Things to Try in Your Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams are an amazing tool and can be a lot of fun. But are you really harnessing the true power of lucid dreams? We spend a lot of time talking about the benefits of lucid dreaming. But sometimes it is a good idea to experiment. If you are looking to have a little more fun in your dreams, this is the list for you. Here are ten amazing things you should try next time you are in a lucid dream!

1. Meet the People You've Always Wanted to Know

In a lucid dream, you have a unique opportunity to make things happen. So take your next lucid dream as a chance to meet a celebrity, or a super hero. This can be a fun chance to imagine and experience an amazing meeting.

2.Get Ready for Your Job Interview

Finding a new job can be stressful, but in a lucid dream you can become an expert at acing interviews. Ask yourself the hard questions and come up with unique answers. Then you'll be more prepared than ever to get your dream job (no pun intended).

3. Become a Magician (or Even a Wizard)

In dreams, anything is possible! So if you have been dying to go to Hogwarts, let your lucid dreams take you there! Whether you want to hang out with Hermione and the gang or join up with the Slytherins, now is your chance.

4. Practice Your Favorite Sport

Practice is a lot more fun when it won't wear you out. So take your next lucid dream as a chance to really hone your sports skills. From swim strokes to tennis serves, your lucid dreams can be the key to becoming an expert. This will only work if you are familiar with correct form though, so do your research while you're awake!

5. Relive A Favorite Memory

Have you ever wished you could go back to your last Disneyland vacation? Now is your chance! Hit up your favorite memories on your lucid dreaming adventure!

6. Mess Around with Time

In waking life, time is always moving too slowly or too quickly. When you lucid dream, you can change the course of time to make it move at a pace you enjoy. Try it next time you dream, and see what you can accomplish in a few hours of sleep.

7. Be Someone Else

It isn't easy to change your identity, but in a dream you can be anyone you want. In your next dream try being your best friend, batman, or even an animal.

8. Make a Dream Friend

This dream technique can make your dreams more fun and improve your social skills. Take your dream experience to become more confident and comfortable making friends. These skills can transfer over to waking life. So you may make a new waking friend as well!

9. Work Through Confusing Waking Experiences

If something troubling happened recently, use your lucid dream to overcome it. Sometimes all it takes is a little time. Use your dream to give yourself more.

10. Try Something You're Afraid of

In your dreams, you can face your fears without the risk. Take a lucid dream as an opportunity to move beyond your greatest fears. Keep following the DreamLeaf blog to learn more about lucid dreaming, and comment on your lucid dream adventures!
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