How to Start Lucid Dreaming in 24 Hours

Are you ready to start lucid dreaming? Here are some tips to help you have a lucid dream within the next 24 hours.

While herbal/ dietary lucid dreaming supplements will open the door to your lucid dreams, you still need to step inside. The following pointers can greatly enhance your lucid dreaming experience. I feel confident when I say that you can start lucid dreaming in 24 hours if you use the Dream Leaf formula, and consider these additional insights.

First off...

Here are a few things you want to AVOID to enhance your lucid dreaming experience:

-Don’t watch TV before bed, or even throughout the day

-Don’t look at LCD screens before bed (this has a very negative impact on your REM cycle and weakens your conscious awareness during dream sleep.)

-Don’t drink caffeine throughout the day

-Avoid any alcohol and marijuana use

-Avoid all narcotics in general

A few things you can DO to greatly enhance your lucid dreaming experience:

-Take the right nutritional supplements (It’s usually best to take supplements, such as Dream Leaf on a fairly but not totally empty stomach)

-Read throughout the day, and especially right before you go to bed

-Do occasional reality checks throughout the day. Remind yourself (as ridiculous as it may sound) to consider whether you could possibly be dreaming or not. This trains your mind to occasionally ask this question on impulse.

-Think about your dreams through out the day and try to remember some of your past dreams in as much detail as possible

-Record last night's dreams in a dream journal in as much detail as possible

-Perhaps most importantly, decide that you want to lucid dream early on in the day, and then be sure to remake this decision right before you go to bed. Don’t psych yourself out or anything, or else you won’t be able to fall asleep, but definitely help yourself realize that tonight is the night you're going to have a lucid dream.

The Supplement Formula for Lucid Dreaming:

There are all kinds of different lucid dreaming techniques that work fairly well, but for the purpose of this blog post (to help you lucid dream in the next 24 hours) we are focusing on the most effective approaches to lucid dreaming, which is through herbal supplements. Here are the exact details that you will need in order to start having lucid dreams right away:

The 2 best herbs to take at night are 5HTP and Mugwort - right before going to bed. These promote restful deep sleep, and cause accelerated REM sleep later in the night. They also help provide you with longer, more vivid, and more creative dreams.

The 3 best herbs to take in the middle of your sleep cycle (after 4 hours of sleep) are Choline Bitartrate, Huperzine A, and DHEA. Collectively, these will slow the breakdown of acetylcholine, fuel memory-boosting neurotransmitters, and promote higher levels of consciousness and control during your dreams.

Dream Leaf combines these ingredients specifically for people who want to start lucid dreaming the smart way. It is composed of a blue pill and a red pill, which colors have been used to symbolize the concept of illusion (blue) and reality (red).

The blue pill, taken at bedtime, combines the optimal amounts of 5HTP and Mugwort to promote deep sleep, vivid dreaming, and the REM rebound effect.

The red pill, taken after 4 hours of sleep, combines Huperzine A, Choline Bitartrate, and DHEA. It promotes memory, consciousness, focus, dream recall, and dream control.

Together, these two pills will show you how to start lucid dreaming in 24 hours.

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Thank you!

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