Lucid dreaming supplements and which ones to try

A lot of people don't know this but lucid dreaming supplements have the capacity to induce conscious awareness during dream sleep :) 

Lucid dreaming supplements are natural nutrients that help you to improve the neuro-environment necessary for conscious dreaming. And, if you think about it, it actually makes sense why these supplements might be able to help with this. After all, diet and consciousness are connected, just like consciousness and lucid dreaming are connected.

But, keep in mind that not all lucid dreaming supplements are created equal. I'll go ahead and cut the chase by telling you which ones are the most effective, and who knows, you might have some of these in your medicine cabinet.

The most effective lucid dreaming supplements:

5HTP - this supplement works best if taken at night and it may very well blow your mind. 5HTP causes lucid dreaming indirectly by causing what's known to expert lucid dreamers as the "REM rebound effect." This basically just means that REM sleep (DREAM SLEEP) is suppressed for the first 4 hours of the night, which then causes your body to enter into a kind of hyperactive REM sleep and often increases consciousness while you dream during the morning hours. Kind of cool huh!!!!!

Mugwort - Mugwort also causes the REM rebound effect and can be taken at night before going as well. Taking these two together is not only completely safe, but will increase their effectiveness.

Choline - this supplement can be taken at night, or after 4 hours of sleep in the middle of your sleep cycle. It helps cause lucid dreaming by promoting memory, which can often help you to realize that you are dreaming. In fact, many of my own lucid dreams begin because of some memory I'm able to access that reminds me of what is real, not imaginary. Choline can help you make these realizations and become lucid in your dreams.

DHEA - This supplement increases your responsiveness in your dreams. I find that DHEA makes my dreams a lot more controllable. This supplement works best if taken with choline and Huperzine-A after 4 hours of sleep.

Huperzine-A - This causes lucid dreaming directly by slowing the breakdown of ACh, which helps you to connect your thoughts to your memories. This is hands down one the best lucid dreaming supplements that I have tried. The first time I tried Huperzine-A, I had incredible lucid dreams that I could control to an incredible extent. I recommend taking Huperzine-A after 4 hours of sleep, meaning that you literally wake yourself up to take it. Trust me, it's worth it to take this way.

Anyway, these are some lucid dreaming supplements that have undoubtedly helped thousands of people achieve lucidity in their dreams. If you are looking for a supplement combination that uses the latest lucid dreaming science in a single formula, check out Dream Leaf

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