Memory-boosting supplements and lucid dreaming

One of the biggest mistakes lucid dreamers make while trying to become conscious in their dreams is ignoring the fact that memory is incredibly significant. In fact, it is probably the most significant brain function to improve in order to have lucid dreams. Here’s why. 

The biggest reason you lose consciousness during your dreams is because you lose access to your memory bank. In a sense, your thoughts and your memories become disconnected, causing you to become entirely unsuspecting of your imagination.

For instance, in your dream you might be running away from a gigantic T-Rex throughout the Jurassic Park. Because you are disconnected from your memories while in the dream, you would simply continue thinking that the situation matches reality, even though in waking life, you would easily recognize the fantasy as outlandish, right?

The only reason you become so ridiculously gullible to your dreams (i.e. the T-Rex scenario) is because you are no longer accessing a sufficient amount of reality memories in your dreams to compare your imaginary illusions to. Without that comparison, you can’t tell what’s real and what’s imaginary.

Lucid dreaming begins when you are able to recognize that something within the dreamscape isn’t consistent with your collective understanding of reality. In fact, most lucid dreams are initiated with a thought of skepticism - a moment where one thinks, “Wait… what the heck?”

To become lucid in your dreams, you need greater access to your memories of reality to make conscious realization happen. This is why it is vital to use memory-boosting, lucid dreaming supplements when you lucid dream.

Simply initiating consciousness is only half the battle. Without improved memory, it can still be difficult for people to remember that they are just dreaming, even after they’ve become lucid. Many lucid dreams will fade off into normal (non-lucid) dreams if you are not maintaining a close enough connection to your memory bank. Being able to REMEMBER that you are dreaming is equally significant to being able to REALIZE you’re dreaming.

Certain lucid dreaming supplements will make your dreams much more malleable and long-lasting simply by improving your memory. This happens when you take herbs capable of activating the right memory neurotransmitters in your brain during dream sleep.

Lucid dreaming supplements like Huperzine-A and Galantamine effectively promote memory in a way that makes your lucid dreams incredibly long, easy to remember, and much more controllable. For this reason, memory-boosting supplements like this are going to play a vital role for you to start lucid dreaming effectively.

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