Why Would You Want To Have A Lucid Dream?

Have you ever asked why people even want to lucid dream? For some people, the concept of lucid dreaming immediately makes sense and it is instantly apparent why this would be interesting. For many others, lucid dreaming seems weird and pointless. So, why would you want to have a lucid dream? Here are a few of the hundreds of reasons people choose to lucid dream. 

Lucid Dreaming for emotional therapy Lucid dreaming can be used in a variety of ways as emotional therapy. Here is an example: A few months ago, I had someone write me a very mean-spirited and personal letter that, honestly, really hurt my feelings. I tried to just let it go but it bothered me to the point that I could not stop thinking about it until I had some resolution.

The situation was such that I would not have an opportunity to talk to this person for a long time. One night, I induced a lucid dream using the WBTB method and I had a conversation with this person in which I said my piece and gained resolution. They explained to me that they didn't really mean those things and said it only because they were upset at that moment.

When I woke up, even though I knew it was a dream, I felt better. I experienced being able to express myself to this person and I was able to let it go. This is just one example of the countless ways that people use lucid dreaming for emotional therapy.

Lucid Dreaming for learning new things (or practicing old ones) People use lucid dreaming to practice skills, like piano, boxing, pole vaulting, or golf (I'm just randomly picking these. I'm sure you have your own) in a setting that is risk free. You can try things in your dreams that you would not dare try in real life. You can also work through a motion hundreds of times over, feeling every inch of movement in order to perfect a technique. You can even play through things in slow motion.

Jack Nicklaus, the famous golfer, was in a serious slump that was affecting his career until he had a dream about holding his golf club differently. He tried in the next day and it fixed the problem. Famous Acrobat Tina Gaona was, at the time, the only person ever to do a “double double” (no relation to In n Out Burger) which is when you do a double flip with a double twist. She said she had dreamed of doing it many times before actually doing it.

The truth is, many famous athletes and musicians have benefitted tremendously from their dreams. By learning how to lucid dream, you can harness this power and direct it with purpose.

Lucid Dreaming for fun Have you ever wanted to fly? or visit another planet? or fight crime in Chicago while wearing spandex? You can literally do anything in you dreams. I remember sitting in a motivation seminar and hearing the speaker tell us, "you do anything you want to do in life. You are only limited by your imagination". I remember thinking, "this guy doesn't have a very good imagination because I can come up with about 50 things in under a minute that could never actually happen in my waking life. Flying (without any mechanical help), jumping over buildings, fighting a T-Rex (they've been extinct for millions of years. How do you expect me to fight one, Mr Motivation Speaker?) Anyway, in your dreams, you literally are only limited by your imagination.

Thousands of other uses for lucid dreaming People use lucid dreaming for countless other things. I'm sure you can come up with a few uses of your own.

The exciting part is that lucid dreaming is easier than ever. People have figured out the right techniques that really work. Researchers have also pinpointed a number of nutrients that can help the process as well. Dream Leaf is the world's most advanced  lucid dreaming supplement and is a must-try. Take a look at how Dream Leaf works

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