2 Lucid Dreaming Herbs That Will Blow. Your. Mind.

One of the most effective methods for lucid dreaming is through the use of  lucid dreaming herbs. Scientific research has uncovered several natural herbs that have been proven to effectively promote conscious dreaming - also known as lucid dreaming. This article discusses just two of these fascinating lucid dreaming supplements – Huperzine-A and Choline Bitartrate.

Before getting into the details of how and why these supplements work the way they do, it’s important to realize the two basic reasons we become unconscious in our dreams:

1 – Our brain chemistry shifts. A special neurotransmitter called ACh begins to dissipate, causing unconscious dreams.

2 – We lose access to our memory bank. This is also because “a special neurotransmitter called ACh begins to dissipate.” 

Memory plays a vital role for lucid dream induction because it is through the use of memory that we are able to recognize the differences between what’s real and what’s simply an illusion. In fact, we are usually unconscious in our dreams because we become so gullible to the experiences being provided by the imagination. We are not able to access our memories of reality, and in turn, we believe everything we are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling, etc.

Keep in mind that the biggest reason we become so gullible to our imagination in our dreams is because we lose access to our REALITY MEMORIES. This happens because… and you’re going to want to remember this… “A special neurotransmitter called ACh begins to dissipate”

Hopefully by now it’s obvious that increased ACh plays a vital role for lucid dreaming but that it is especially important because it helps us access our REALITY MEMORIES.

Essentially, there are two ways to increase ACh during dream sleep:

1Promote its production

2Slow its breakdown

Here are two effective lucid dreaming herbs that both increase ACh production and slow its breakdown:

A supplement called C holine Bitartrate can effectively promote ACh production during sleep, which means that if taken at night you can effectively increase consciousness during your dreams, as well as improve your dream recall. Cool huh!

There is also a supplement called Huperzine-A that effectively slows the breakdown of ACh. Of the two, Huperzine-A works absolute wonders, but when taken together your dreams become especially incredible.

These two lucid dreaming herbs can undoubtedly help you to become conscious during your dreams because they optimize the appropriate neurochemistry in your brain for lucid dreaming. When you take both Choline and Huperzine-A you will find that not only your dream recall is insanely improved but your ability to access your reality memories will be as well. You can greatly improve you ability to lucid dream by taking these two natural supplements.

Dream Leaf contains both of these effective lucid dreaming herbs - Huperzine-A and Choline Bitartrate as well as a few other synergistic dream herbs. To learn more, visit:



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